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NUManoids' Gallery 2008

The NUManoids are the 2008 world champion in the new Nao standard platform league (SPL) at RoboCup. The NUManoids are a joint team from Newcastle University, Australia and NUI Maynooth, Ireland. The SPL prescribes for all teams the same commercially available Nao robots. The Naos are humanoids, that is, bi-pedal robots with a bodyshape inspired by the human body. The competition in the SPL is about software development in order to control fully autonomously playing robots. RoboCup 2008 was held in Suzhou, China.

[Note: All picture and movie material on this page has copyright (c) Newcastle Robotics Lab. It can be downloaded and used at your own risk. We take no responsibility for what you do with the material. Larger images can be viewed by clicking the thumbnail.]

2008 is the first year where the new SPL league with the new and still fragile Nao robots was held. Fifteen teams selected from experienced participants of the old Aibo based SPL competed in the new Nao league. Detailed results of the 2008 competition are available at the Nao SPL website. The NUManoids won the final match on 20. July 2008 in a penalty shootout against a joint team from Carnegie Mellon University and Georgia Tech, USA. A photo of the 2008 Nao SPL finalists is shown below where the NUManoid team is on the left and GTCMUnited’08 is on the right.

Aim of research in the Nao league is to develop software which will allow team play for humanoid robots similar, and in the long run even better, as previously achieved in the Aibo SPL, the mid size, small size, or simulation leagues. There are still massive challenges ahead such as controlling a stable bi-ped walk, reliable ball detection, localisation, and team behaviour.

Additional photos from RoboCup 2008 Suzhou, China can be found e.g. on Naomi's flickr account collection.

Movie scenes from the 2008 Nao SPL final GTCMUnited’08 against NUManoids can be found on youtube:

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