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The Newcastle Robotics Lab includes researchers from several different disciplines, research groups and centres. The following list contains only some selected projects while other projets can be found by following the links to our associated groups and centres.
  • Some current and past projects in the area of machine learning are listed at the IMLRG pages.
  • Several postgraduate and undergraduate projects are associated with the NUbot robot soccer competition team which participates in the kidszie humanoid league at RoboCup. The projects address various aspects of robot vision, biped motor control, localisation, world modelling, behaviour, and human-robot interaction.
  • New projects are possible for postgraduate, honours, and final year project students, in the areas of machine learning, data mining, image processing, autonomous agents, neural information processing, control, and statistics. For details please contact the academics in the contact list. For information on scholarships please see the RHD pages.
  • Modelling and predicting patterns of pedestrian movement: using robotics and machine learning to improve the design of urban space (ARC DP 2010-2012, Ostwald and Chalup). This project is part of one of the largest collaborations between architecture and computer science in Australia.
  • "NUbots: Enhancements to Vision Processing, and Debugging Software for Robocup Soccer" (a past final year project)
  • Overview of the robotic bear project and Hykim user manual.
  • Robot rescue project (This is a past final year project).
  • Industry Collaboration: Collaborative projects with industry partners and consulting by our experts can be discussed. This can include ARC Linkage Projects and for the formal aspects we can run this through Newcastle Innovation. Please contact Associate Professor Dr. Stephan Chalup for further discussion and details.