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News and Announcements

  • 20 March 2014, Qualification for Brasil: The NUbot have qualified to compete in the Kidsize Humanoid League at RoboCup 2014 in Joao Pessoa, Brasil (2014 qualificiation video).

  • June 2012, a new league: The NUbots have retired from the Standard Platform League and started a team in the Kidsize Humanoid League. At RoboCup 2012 in Mexico City the new team gained first experience with the new Darwin-OP robots. In contrast to the standard platform league the kidsize league allows hardware modifications.

  • 7 May 2011, Australian Champions: The NUbots won the RoboCup SPL Australian Open Competition in Sydney. Currently they are preparing for the 2011 worldcup in Istanbul (Qualification).

  • July 2009: The NUbots reached the quaterfinals at RoboCup 2009 in Graz, Austria.

  • May 2009, Note: Associated with the senior international RoboCup competition and symposium (typically attended by teams from universities or research institutions) is a separate organisation for school students; The Hunter section of RoboCup Junior Australia seeks interested school teachers to join their committee. Please contact the organisers via their webpage: RCJA.

  • 20 July 2008, Suzhou, China: We are world champions!
    The NUManoids (a joint team from the University of Newcastle, Australia and NUI Maynooth, Ireland) are the first world champion in the new Nao standard platform league at RoboCup. They won the final against a joint team from Carnegie Mellon University and Georgia Tech, USA. Fifteen selected teams participated in the competition. Detailed scores are available at the Nao league website.

  • May 2008: A new team, the NUManoids, has been formed. It is a collaborative effort of the NUbots and an associated group at the National University of Maynooth in Ireland in order to participate in the standard platform league (SPL) at RoboCup. The new Nao humanoid robots from Aldebaran replace the AIBOs in the SPL. Currently the NUManoids are preparing for RoboCup 2008 in Suzhou, China.

  • September 2007: The NUbot AIBO robot dog team is retiring from active competition. Their last public demo game was held at the University of Newcastle information day on 8. September 2007. Although the RoboCup four-legged league is fading out the previous members and adjoints of the NUbots continue research on several exiting robotics related projects.

  • RoboCup 1.-10. July 2007: The NUbots spead their efforts over three projects. The AIBO team achieved a second place in the competition of the remaining four-legged league teams (detailed results). Oliver became first in the 3D-simulation development league. The hardware team demonstrated two new robot prototypes (dog and bear) which were developed in collaboration with Tribotix.

  • 16.-21. April 2007: The NUbots are participating in the German Open Competition at the Hannover Fair in Germany.

  • June 2006: We are world champion!
    The year 2006 marked 10 years of RoboCup, 50 years of AI research, and with Sony's announcement of the end of the production of the AIBO robot the peak of the four-legged league (movie).

  • RoboCup 2006: The NUbots are competing at RoboCup 2006 in Bremen, Germany. This is one of the most prestigious and progressive international research events in the area of intelligent robotics. RoboCup 2006 is a large scale high publicity event held in Germany in conjunction with the Human soccer world cup. There is live broadcast at The four-legged league scores are available at

  • Quality record: In March 2006 Stephen Young of the Newcastle Robotics Laboratory was awarded a University Medal as outstanding graduate of the University. In total four University medals were achieved by students of the Newcastle Robotics Laboratory within the last three years.

  • Second place at RoboCup 2005 in Osaka: The NUbots achieved a second place in the Four-Legged League robot soccer competition at RoboCup 2005 in Osaka. They also became second in the associated technical challenge competition. Detailed scores are available from the RoboCup pages (scores). This is the best overall performance of any team in the four-legged league at RoboCup 2005. The NUbots are the only team which completed continously among the best three teams over the last four years i.e at RoboCup 2002-2005.

  • The rescNUbots---A new section has been added to the lab: Team members of the rescNUbots are currently developing a real rescue robot which will compete in the RoboCupRescue Real Robot League as part of RoboCup 2005 in Osaka. In this league robots are tested on their ability to navigate in disaster areas and to locate victims.

  • Projects available: Students interested in joining the NUbots or to work on associated projects (Honours, Masters, PhD, final year, or undergraduate projects) are invited contact us for further information (contacts).